Where Is George Zimmerman Going, Today?

The answer to where George Zimmerman is going today is unknown. We only know that he’s in hiding and resting. For over a year, Zimmerman was a prisoner of a scandal he got caught up in through what is widely believed to be political reasons.

Even though crime is committed everyday and murders go unnoticed day in and day out, it was the Zimmerman trial that caught the nation’s attention. When Zimmerman was found not guilty, those who were hoping for a guilty Read the rest of this entry…

Ex Senator Edwards’s Trial Heats Up

Ex Senator Edwards’s Trial Heats Up

The Downfall of Edwards’s Political Career
At one time, John Edwards was a fierce competitor in the Democratic Party race for president. However, his indiscretions led him into the public eye in a negative light. Since losing the bid for the Democratic presidential ticket, Edwards’s political career has spiraled downwards ever since. The most sensationally heated aspect of the trial is around how much money Edwards spent on his affair on the campaign trail.

One Read the rest of this entry…

Mel Gibson Poised To Come Back In Movie Deal

Is Mel Gibson poised for a comeback? This might be the case. His return to prominence would be very unexpected considering his public disgraces of recent memory.

At one time, Mel Gibson was among the biggest box office stars in the world. With The Passion of The Christ, he stepped into the director’s chair to huge success. Then, everything began to unravel for the superstar.

However, a messy divorce, drunk driving arrests, antisemitic comments, and a failure to pay Read the rest of this entry…

The Most Overpaid Man in Hollywood

Turns out it’s Eddie Murphy…

According to an article published in Forbes magazine, the once-legendary comedian known for his range received the unflattering title of most overpaid actor in 2012. This distinction comes shortly after a long list of box office bombs in which the star received top dollar to participate in less than enjoyable films.

You don’t really need to look far to find an Eddie Murphy bomb. Anything past the late 90s is an abysmal disgrace to the actor and if you get any movie channels through services like http://www.direct2tv.com/, then you pretty much know that Murphy’s new title was clearly earned in blood.

Coming off of such classics like Coming to America and Beverly Hills Cop and Trading Places, one has to wonder if the man even read the scripts or gave a crap about dragging his good name through such gems as Meet Dave or Pluto Nash.

In a lot of ways, calling Eddie Murphy an overpaid actor is a dig that goes deep. It’s a terrible thing to say but it, unfortunately, highlights a very real decline in the life and career of this once beloved actor.

Now, when people hear the name “Eddie Murphy” they are less excited and more upset, and there’s nothing funny about that.

O’Reilly’s Latest Rival: The Simpsons

For the past couple of years, there has been a battle raging between the Fox Network and Fox News Channel who purportedly do not like each other, to say the least. However, this war goes deeper when you compare Fox’s “The Simpsons” to Bill O’Reilly’s, “The O’Reilly Factor”.

When digging a little deeper, this may not be quite as much a battle, but more of a rivalry for television watchers everywhere. Both of these competitors represent number one shows in their respective time slots. Perhaps they are just teasing Read the rest of this entry…

Barbara Streisand Turns 70! Congratulations, Babs!

On April 24th, famous Hollywood actress, Barbara Streisand turned 70 years old.

Ms. Streisand got her start in entertaining by performing in several Off-Broadway plays in the early 1960s. She quickly made the jump to starring in film and television roles and soon became a popular singer as well. Recently she has starred in the series of Meet The Parents films and is often a guest at several awards shows.

More than just an actress, Ms. Streisand is also a popular singer, writer, producer and director. Through her long and illustrious career she Read the rest of this entry…

Katy Perry And Her New Man

If Singer Katy Perry is still mourning her divorce to Russell Brand, she’s certainly not showing any signs. Perry was spotted with what many believe to be her new man three nights in one week in London. Perry’s new man is guitarist for Florence the Machine Robert Ackroyd. Pictures of the two have surfaced online. The pictures portray Perry and Ackroyd as having a good time. Both are smiling and carrying beer. Witnesses have said that the Perry and Ackroyd were spotted Read the rest of this entry…

Two Years Later: BP Facing Charges

Two years after the initial Deepwater Disaster, BP will begin to face charges in the aftermath. BP will be charged by the federal government due to its violations of regulations that contributed to the disaster.

The first criminal charges were levied earlier in the year.

In April of 2012, Kurt Mix, an engineer for BP, was the first person that had charges levied against him after the spill. He was charged with obstruction of justice in the first criminal charges issued Read the rest of this entry…

And Then There Were 12: The Growing Colombia Scandal

The recent expose of Secret Service agents reveling with prostitutes prior to President Obama arriving in Columbia for the Summit of the Americas continues to loom large, raising questions about the agency’s broader culture. What was once believed to be an isolated incident has blown into eight of the 12 Secret Service agents implicated in the scandal being fired. The military is also being investigated after allegations that 12 amongst their ranks had also hired prostitutes. An internal investigation has been completed, but thus far no military staff has been dismissed.I found some more information here. Some Secret Service employees are disputing the charges, alleging that no rules were violated and that what is done during personal time is not relevant to positions within the agency. Those familiar with agency protocol have suggested that supervisors were aware that such off-duty cavorting was occurring but turned a blind eye to it. Washington insiders have suggested that independent probes are necessary to determine how the agency has handled the revelations, click here, as well as evaluate the well-being of the Secret Services wider culture. These probes would likely involve reviewing interview notes from nearly 200 agency employees who were in Columbia when the scandal broke in April 2012.